Experiencing Ship Life (Part 2)

Where do I begin…

The photo’s speak words for themselves… What an AMAZING 4 months it has been onboard the Norwegian Epic, now my time onboard there is slowly coming to an end before I disembark in Livorno, Italy.

So the word is out, I’m being transferred to the Norwegian Jade what sails out of Houston, Texas in 4 days time. I had a gut feeling in my stomach for a week prior as you all know yourselves ‘If you’re in a negative environment where your boss has a “thing” for you, you can’t concentrate, you can’t be HAPPY’.. So I’m confiding to my ‘Partner at the time’ via Facebook as she’s away in Colombia, and also with her work mates, Brady, Nicole & Emily as they were very close to me! And they could tell I wasn’t happy at all, any ways…

My leaving party was fun, but it was an emotional one for myself! Left the crew bar straight to a cabin party with some friends until 4:30am.. next thing you know my alarm goes off and its 7am I have to get off the ship like NOWWWW!! I got on board the local train from Livorno (Local corner shop in Livorno City Centre sells amazingly cheap bus & train tickets!) and I arrived at my hotel in Pisa, Italy where I met up with a few of the ‘Burn the floor’ dancers for my final meal in Europe with some companions I can call friends for life – Grazie!!

I sat out on my hotel balcony that night smoking several cigarettes (I KNOW!! A personal trainer smoking.. I was stressed, give me a break!!) drinking a cup of coffee reflecting back on the past 4 months, you know what? I thank life for that opportunity as it showed & taught me, how to act and how not act if I was ever a manager and how you can grow friend ships with different cultural back grounds world wide in such a short space of time, you literally live with these people day in & day out, eating breakfast/lunch/tea with each other daily or chatting away whilst you do laundry at 1am!! (Doing your laundry in the crew area is the worst BTW!! especially when the fuckers take out your wet clothes and DON’T put it in the dryer.. bastards lol)

Now my 19 hour air indirect journey begins – Pisa, Italy – Rome, Italy – Charlotte, North Carolina – Houston, Texas.. Oh with a crazy lady sat next to me from Alabama, who will NOT shut up… (remind me to upgrade to first class next time to receive some peace and quiet)

I arrive on the Norwegian Jade, anxious, sad, nervous as I’ve had to start all over again, meeting new people you don’t know, how is it going to go?! Am I going to clash with my partner? Am I going to like my manager?! (Shannyn Coetzee, BEST MANAGER EVER) and you know? The Norwegian Jade was hands down the best ship I worked on, and the team were amazing… To this day I still keep in contact with various people I worked with and have visited several in the past year in their home countries whilst on my ship! I used to think the world was a huge place and I won’t see many people again… I was in fact wrong, the world is a very SMALL place… Unexpectedly you can meet a ‘ship friend’ even in your home town!! (like I did last week with my Colombiana Paisana Zamira in Newcastle Upon Tyne)

So the NCL Jade sailed from Houston Embark – Sea Day – Cozumel – Belize – Honduras – 2 Sea Days – Houston Debark, perfect 7 day cruise! Cozumel was standard hitting El Cid Resort or the Infamous NO NAME BAR (My Liver Is Still There) Belize outside the port we always went to a local Chinese Restaurant (I know, eating Chinese in the Caribbean) you pay $9, you received a platter of various meets, rice & a drink!! $$BARGAIN$$ and Roatan, Honduras will always be one of my favorite places in the world – West Bay Beach, Maya Quay & ‘Little French Quay Resort’.. Beautiful beaches, friendly people (Just don’t walk alone in to the city, especially if you don’t speak/understand Spanish or look like a complete TOURIST.. you’ve been warned!!) Your time off working for the Spa under the Steiner flag works like this – you receive ‘3 half days off a 7 day cruise’, 1 on embarkation, but you have to start at 11:00am-12:00pm.. or on a port day you’re off in the morning till 14:30pm or 14:30pm for the whole afternoon (sounds good yeah) now here come’s the fun/hard part… FITNESS you have to make up 10% of the Spa Revenue, and at the time my target is $6000, sounds easy right?! It’s not.. if you’re good at what you do, some cruises you hit target, some you can fail miserably or just off the marker!! Having to sell detox products on a ship was harder than what I expected, especially when you have the same objections (I’ll think about it) (Let me talk to the wife) (You know what Richie, its too expensive) Yeah but you paid how much for this cruise?? $400 for 7 days amazing, surely you can invest $308 today on your health for the better right?? NOPE… Because they don’t trust you.. or simply they’re tight and trust me there’s a LOT of TIGHT/CHEAP BRITISH, EUROPEANS, AMERICANS & CANADIANS around… Why would I say this? I’ve experienced this hands on meeting over thousands of guests every 7 to 12 days! We spend money on what we WANT.. NOT what we NEED!! Because it’s not convenient right now but anyhoo… This is where I learnt and improved how to sell properly and self-learn sales techniques by famous figures.. But thank you life for this life experience as this has shaped and molded me into the hard working person I am today and showed me how to be patient and not to be let down easily by objections, ‘One door closes, one door opens’ 🙂

Sea days I worked 7am-8/9pm… And they were hard especially if you were on your own and don’t have a fitness partner (this happened 5 times in my contract length) and onboard came Johan Reichel who I can call a brother to this day as we’ve been through a lot, and ‘Accidentally choked him unconscious) after a drunken argument in our cabin.. (Sorry, not sorry poes boet) then this is where the FUN begins..

Now this is just a beginning of my adventures on the NCL Jade as a Steiner… There’s A LOT MORE TO COME!! Fun/Sickening/Emotionally Straining… But one thing I have learned, what life has taught me and I still vouch to it this day…

You were born an original, don’t die a copy..

The law of attraction is a powerful spiritual phenomenon, what ever you put out to the universe will spiral back round to you, if you act good, if you respect others, if you tell the truth and help when not asked and don’t expect any thing… Life in general will treat you well OR on the other hand, if you’re the opposite life will have many surprises for you what will BREAK you in many ways, shapes and forms… Why do I say this you ask??

I’ve done the opposite and lied, done bad things I regret spoke bad of others and I received the worst punishment any person would never wish on another human being and that is losing someone you loved.. But sometimes you have to learn the HARD WAY and let these lessons teach you and change you for the better 🙂

Until next time – Gracias, Grazie, Obrigado, Dankie





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